Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns Live Among Legends Live Stream

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Join Firaxis developers for a deep dive into activities outside of combat and, of course, more action-packed tactical mission gameplay.

During a recent live stream, members of the Firaxis development team played through three very different tactical missions featuring card-based combat and shared a first look at some of the activities you can enjoy in Marvel's Midnight Suns when you're not battling against Lilith's demonic forces. Creative Director Jake Solomon, Senior Franchise Producer Garth DeAngelis, and Senior Producer Rachel Sima covered a lot of features that haven't been discussed previously this time around, so get comfortable and enjoy the archive of the entire livestream below. Note that some characters and skins featured require unlocking via gameplay.

For their first tactical mission, the Firaxis folks chose to team the Hunter up with Blade and Magik. This afforded us an opportunity to learn more about how the Hunter can be customized to use Light abilities, Dark abilities, or some combination of both.

"The Hunter isn't just customizable in terms of their appearance," Jake explained. "They're also customizable in terms of gameplay. The Hunter has over three times as many abilities as the other heroes because we want you to be able to choose how your Hunter plays in combat. The Light branch is more about healing and supporting your squadmates, while the Dark branch is about being very powerful and doing a lot of damage—but at a cost to you and your squadmates."

The other two tactical missions shown included the first reveal of a story mission, the first on-stream Midnight Suns team to include Scarlet Witch, and even an unexpected first look at one of Hydra's deadliest agents. Powerful enemies known as Nest Mothers and the Revenant also made their on-stream debuts, and came dangerously close to beating Garth at his own game on this occasion. 

Between missions, we toured different areas of the Abbey and its grounds. So many new features were shown and discussed that you'll need to watch the archive of the stream to learn about all of them. To mention just a few, highlights included using the heroes' Superlink social network, unlocking new abilities at the Forge, painting landscapes with Robbie Reyes, meeting the ghost of Agatha Harkness, and having a conversation about whether Blade has a crush on Captain Marvel that probably could've gone better. 

Check back just a few days before the December 2 release of Marvel's Midnight Suns for the next Firaxis live stream. Between seeing the “secret” 13th hero in action for the first time and watching Jake attempt to beat a tactical mission on the hardest difficulty, it's sure to be a good one!