Midnight Suns


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Tactical missions in Marvel's Midnight Suns task teams of up to three heroes with completing objectives such as eliminating all enemies, preventing a target's escape, protecting a device, and more. Successfully completing missions requires smart strategic thinking because, no matter how much thought you put into selecting and cultivating friendships between your team members beforehand, you need to read and react to a constantly changing battlefield once the mission is underway.  

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At the beginning of combat, all of your selected Heroes' Abilities are shuffled into your pool. Each turn, you automatically pull random Hero Abilities from this pool, thus determining which of them you initially have access to that turn. Your turn ends when you have taken all the actions you can—or want to—take, which include more than just using Abilities.

Heroes can use their strength and resourcefulness to turn almost any Environmental object into a weapon. Actions such as picking up and throwing a crate, vaulting off a big rock to slam down on an enemy with extra force, or even toppling a lamppost down onto multiple enemies can all be very effective. To perform attacks like these, your heroes will need to be within reach of interactable Environmental objects, positioned to target enemies with them, and have the adequate amount of Heroism for activation.

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Once per turn, you can use a Move action to reposition a hero. This is incredibly useful if you want to deploy a hero ability that deals damage to multiple enemies in a straight line or, if you're nearing the end of your turn, to put some distance between your heroes so that they can't all be hurt by an enemy's area-of-effect attack. Pay attention to your heroes' positioning, put their abilities to good use, and you'll be successfully completing missions in no time.