Midnight Suns


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The Forge is the heart of the Abbey, where technology meets Hellfire and the modern meets the ancient. Tony Stark and Doctor Strange work here to create improvements for the Midnight Suns team as well as for the Abbey itself.

As you upgrade the Forge, you'll be able to construct additional stations that offer other combat benefits. For example, building the Item Bench allows you to craft powerful, single-use items that can be taken into combat. Single-use items supplement your team's abilities with a variety of beneficial effects, such as allowing a Hero to taunt an enemy, heal an ally, draw additional Abilities, or gain an additional move. These items exist outside of your Ability pool, don’t cost an Ability play, and can be used at any time on your turn.

CODA | Forge | Artifact Screenshot

Initially the set of available combat items to craft is limited, but upgrading the Item Bench will unlock new, more powerful items. And while you start with only a single combat item slot, additional slots can be unlocked through Research. Meanwhile, constructing the Armory upgrade will generate special tactical challenge missions for each hero once they have forged strong friendships with the Hunter. Completing a hero’s challenge will award their Midnight Sun suit and Legendary ability.

The Forge is also where you can unlock any Gamma Coils and Artifact Containers that you've received as mission rewards. When Tony Stark extracts and manipulates the energy in a Gamma Coil, you get to choose one of three new Hero Abilities to create. Upgrading the Forge increases the number of Abilities you can choose and create from each Gamma Coil.

Artifact Containers hold mystical items that Hydra operatives stole from the Sanctum Sanctorum. Doctor Strange can use the power of the Forge to open these containers and reclaim the artifacts' power. These resources activate Research projects to unlock new facility upgrades for purchase, combat items for crafting, and more.