Midnight Suns


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First appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1968)


A driven Air Force pilot and security agent, Carol Danvers dreamt of one day going to space. Her day job was to investigate and safeguard the American space program from disruption by alien attackers. However, it was her own life that was ultimately disrupted when a Kree device triggered her half alien DNA and awakened her human/Kree hybrid abilities.

Now known as Captain Marvel, Carol wields superhuman strength and can not only fly, but can also achieve interstellar flight under her own power. Her intimate connection to space also allows her to harness and direct vast cosmic energy, working alongside the Avengers to defeat intergalactic enemies.

Specialty: Damage/Tank

Captain Marvel is a brutally effective frontliner, generating Taunt and Block to force enemies to focus their fire on her and mitigate the damage she receives. While she can channel cosmic energy to blast through multiple enemies at once, this ability is especially effective once she has been able to “Go Binary,” a special offensive state that doubles the damage of her attacks.