Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns June 2023 Update

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New update available for Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Windows PC, Steam Deck, and consoles.

Please make sure to restart your game to ensure that you’ve downloaded the latest version and continue to submit any bug reports to support.2k.com.


- Stability & performance improvements. 

- Mission cards can now be added to the hand even when there are the maximum number of cards present in the hand

- Fix for Mission Rewards not showing on Victory Screen

- Hero Deck screen now properly checks for new collar and suit passives

- Charlie's stats will now scale properly with the Hunter's Champion Level stat bonuses

- Charlie navigation improvements for the Abbey

- "Upgrade ability" objective during "No Place Like Home" mission now completes when any ability is upgraded

- Fix for achievements / trophies not being rewarded as intended


- Venom Combos will now consume Ravenous


- Fixed reported issue of Nest Mother and Summoning Circle missions not appearing during Act 1 of NG+ campaigns

- Toggles have been added to customize the New Game+ experience and choose progression to carry over!

- Hero Abilities: Includes hero cards and abilities, including Hunter Collars and Passives

- Friendship Levels: Includes hero and team friendship levels and rewards

- Resources: Includes Credits, Essence, Blueprints, Intel, Gloss, and Arcane Knowledge

- Cosmetics: Includes unlocked cosmetics, with purchased cosmetics immediately available


- Steam Deck performance & stability improvements