Midnight Suns


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First appearance: The Tomb of Dracula #10 (1973)


Called “Daywalker,” Blade is a dhampir: a half-human, half-vampire hybrid with the strength, stamina, and senses of a vampire and the sunlight tolerance of a human. A creature of the underground, Blade patrols the city’s rain-slicked alleys, abandoned warehouses, and secret nightclubs in the name of one obsessive mission: eradicate the undead from the world of the living.

This single-minded determination was born of tragedy: Blade’s human mother was murdered by a vampire’s bite during his birth. This heartbreak gave Blade the innate gifts that have allowed him to become a living weapon. Blade has used his enhanced abilities to master nearly every martial art and weapon form known to humankind, though he often favors the smooth speed of the katana.

Specialty: Damage

Blade is able to deal vast amounts of devastating damage with grace and agility, easily alternating between ranged and melee attacks to dominate the battlefield. Especially effective are his abilities to inflict lifesteal and damage-over-time effects on enemies, healing himself while slowly and consistently draining the lifeforce from foes. A true predator knows not only survival, but also patience.