Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns May 2023 Update

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New update available for Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Windows PC, Steam Deck, and consoles.

Please make sure to restart your game to ensure that you’ve downloaded the latest version and continue to submit any bug reports to support.2k.com.


- Stability, performance, & load time improvements

- Texture improvements

- Global fix for missing & cut off voice overs

- Adjustments to level lighting to make shadows clearer so the characters don't appear to float


- Added feature to individually select language for audio & subtitles

- Increased font size for subtitles


- Doctor Strange: Agamotto’s Gaze will now properly apply the bonus card play

- Morbius: Savage Swipe will now only trigger the Speed Kills achievement/trophy when the conditions for gaining Quick are satisfied

- Storm: Multiple fixes to Live Wire heroic ability


- Added Game Difficulty dropdown to T.H.R.E.A.T. Room screen

- Enemies recovering from being stunned now correctly indicate which hero they’re planning to attack

- Color of saved HDR photos now correct when viewing them in gallery

- Fixed reported issue where reentering Superlink would center the Gallery or Messages but focus the Timeline

- Fixed reported issues caused by favoriting and deleting photos on both the standalone and Superlink gallery screens

- Purchased hero suits can now be equipped when offline

- Charlie follow tutorial will now show the first time you tell Charlie to follow you

- Big Guns achievement/trophy will no longer count duped abilities as being different


- Added condition to prevent more than one enemy unit from forecasting Sacrifice ability per turn

- Fixed cooldown check to look at all units instead of just at self, to prevent Sacrifice ability being used in back-to-back turns


- Texture and resolution improvements

- Setting deck-specific defaults in the video tab

- Stability fix for playing with everything turned up to Epic