Midnight Suns


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First appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)


Possessing bottomless cash reserves and a brilliant intellect, Tony Stark knows all about privilege. He has the resources to turn any challenge into a success, thanks to his own mind and the wealth from his father’s corporation. After a deadly bomb blast, he even transformed the shrapnel lodged in his chest and threatening his heart into a net-benefit; it pushed him to perfect not only his innovative Arc Reactor, but also a hi-tech suit of armor.

However, Tony is also aware of just how lucky he is…and is even a little conflicted about it. Of all the descriptors commonly applied to him—millionaire, playboy, genius—he’s decided he likes “hero” best. He wants to see his technology reshape the world, but unlike his father, he wants that change to be a positive one.

Specialty: Utility

Iron Man has a gadget to counter every obstacle, and if he doesn’t, he simply invents a new one. In addition to annihilating enemy targets with precision repulsor beams, Iron Man’s abilities allow players to press their advantage by spending Redraw actions to give his abilities bonus effects.