Midnight Suns

Marvel Snap Adds Marvel's Midnight Suns Variants

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Second Dinner's hit card game adds Marvel's Midnight Suns variants and an all-new Abbey location.

Oh, snap! Today we're excited to announce a collaboration with Second Dinner to add all manner of Marvel's Midnight Suns content to the hit card game Marvel Snap. Embrace the darkness with a free login reward, an all-new Abbey location, and 24 new Midnight Suns variant cards to collect! Keep reading for more details.

Doctor Strange Marvel Snap


Kicking this collaboration off, logging in to Marvel Snap between October 3 and November 6, 2023 will earn you the Doctor Strange Midnight Suns variant card! This reward is available on all platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows) and will be delivered to your Marvel Snap inbox.*

The Abbey Marvel Snap


If you've played Marvel's Midnight Suns, you know that the Abbey isn't just an awesome place to hang out with other Heroes; it's also the perfect spot to gather resources and plan strategies for upcoming missions. Now that it's been added to Marvel Snap as a location, the Midnight Suns' secret base will serve a similar purpose:

- The Abbey: First to put exactly 2 cards here draws a card.

Iron Man Marvel Snap


Defeat opponents in Marvel Snap's Conquest mode and use your Medals to purchase at least nine items in the Medal Shop between October 3 and November 6 to add the Conquest-exclusive Iron Man Midnight Suns variant card to your collection.

Tarot Marvel Snap


From October 11 through October 13, Marvel Snap's in-game shop will be dominated by all-new Midnight Suns variant cards. If you've explored the Abbey and its Grounds searching for collectibles in Marvel's Midnight Suns, you might recognize some of these. After October 13, these incredible variants will enter the regular daily shop rotation:

- Black Panther - The Emperor

- Blade - Midnight Suns

- Bucky Barnes - The Hanged Man

- Captain America - Midnight Suns

- Captain Marvel - Midnight Suns

- Deadpool - The Fool

- Death - Death

- Doctor Doom - The Magician

- Domino - The Wheel of Fortune

- Galactus - The Judgement

- Human Torch - The Sun

- Jean Grey - The High Priestess

- Moon Knight - The Moon

- Namor - The Hermit

- Nova - The Star

- Professor X - The Hierophant

- Scarlet Witch - Midnight Suns

- She-Hulk - Justice

- Silver Surfer - The Chariot

- Spider-Man - Midnight Suns

- Storm - The Empress

- Thor - Strength

- Uatu the Watcher - The World

- Wolverine - Midnight Suns

Magik Marvel Snap


In celebration of the Midnight Suns variants party, Magik will be getting her own premium bundle in Marvel Snap's in-game shop between October 3 and November 6. The bundle includes:

- Magik - Midnight Suns variant card

- Magik - Midnight Suns avatar

- Title: TSA Took My Soulsword

- 750 Credits

- 1500 Gold

- 155 Magik Boosters

*Marvel Snap account and internet connection required. One redemption per Marvel Snap account.