Midnight Suns


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The Marvel's Midnight Suns takeover of the epic match-3 Super Hero game also adds new Blade and Magik costumes.

Today we're excited to announce that Marvel's Midnight Suns protagonist the Hunter is joining Marvel Puzzle Quest's roster of Super Heroes as part of a Midnight Suns takeover event to cap off their momentous 10-year celebrations of match-3 action. In addition to adding the legendary demon slayer to their team, Marvel Puzzle Quest players can purchase new Midnight Suns-themed costumes for Blade and Magik, and participate in Midnight Suns PvP events to earn in-game rewards. Keep reading for more details.


Logging in to Marvel Puzzle Quest between December 14 and December 28, 2023, will earn players a 3-star "Initiate" version of the Hunter to add to their Super Hero squad. This reward is available on all platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows) and will be delivered to your Marvel Puzzle Quest Cache on the Roster tab.*

During this two-week window, players also have an opportunity to purchase a 5-star "Midnight Suns" version of the Hunter.


From December 18 until December 25, Marvel Puzzle Quest players can purchase a Midnight Suns armor costume for the 4-star "Classic" version of powerful sorceress Magik.

MPQ Magik

Between December 21 and December 28, a second costume of Midnight Suns armor will be available to purchase for the 4-star "Modern" version of the vampire-hunting dhampir, Blade.


Starting on December 14 and ending on December 20, Marvel Puzzle Quest players can participate in Midnight Suns PvP events to earn Hero Points, Iso-8 in-game currency, and covers of Midnight Suns heroes that appear in the game. Players can also earn Daily Play Tokens and unlock rewards from a Midnight Suns-themed vault by playing with Midnight Suns heroes between December 14 and December 28!

In case you're not familiar with the game, Marvel Puzzle Quest is an RPG in which your squad—recruited from a roster of over 300 Super Heroes and Villains—battle members of the despicable H.A.M.M.E.R. organization in match-3 puzzle-based combat.

*Marvel Puzzle Quest account and internet connection required. One redemption per Marvel Puzzle Quest account.