Midnight Suns


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In tactical missions, each hero's unique power set is embodied by a distinct, customizable set of Abilities that can be used only by them. Heroes can be equipped with up to eight Abilities each before heading into tactical missions, and in addition to having different rarities, each ability falls into one of three categories: Attack, Skill, or Heroic.

Attack Abilities

Attacks are primarily used to deal damage by directly targeting enemies and/or using Knockback to hurl enemies across the battlefield. Knockback attacks can deal extra damage when they send enemies careening into environmental objects, other enemies, or even allied heroes.

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Skill Abilities

Skills don't typically deal any damage to enemies but provide a number of benefits on the battlefield. Depending on which heroes you're playing with, skills at your disposal might include healing members of your team, increasing the number of Abilities you can use during a turn, or stunning enemies to prevent them from taking any actions for a turn.

Heroic Abilities

The most potent Abilities in your arsenal, Heroics can only be played once you've accumulated enough Heroism by playing Attack and Skill Abilities. Heroic Abilities have powerful effects on the battlefield and, in some cases, can be used to deal significant damage to multiple enemies simultaneously, wiping out entire enemy squads in a single strike.

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At the start of each tactical mission, any Hero Combo Abilities you've unlocked by forging friendships with your allies will automatically be added to your pool. Hero Combos are powerful Abilities performed by two Heroes working together to attack a single target. These Abilities cost Heroism to activate and can only be played once per mission.

A standard turn during a tactical mission lets you use three Abilities, but if you choose to bring Abilities with you that are labeled as "Free" or which grant you additional actions, that number can increase. Abilities with the "Quick" keyword count as playing one of your three but that cost is refunded if you use them to successfully KO an enemy, for example. Note that before you commit to using an Ability, you have an opportunity to preview its effects so there's no guesswork involved when figuring out how much damage or which status effects you'll inflict on a target.

Not happy with the Abilities you have at your disposal? Twice per turn you have the option to Redraw, which lets you choose an Ability to discard and replace with a random one from your pool. Before ending your turn you can also perform Environmental attacks, which don't count towards your Abilities-used total but do cost Heroism, which you might be better off saving for a Heroic Ability on your next turn. Like so many things on the ever-changing battlefields of Marvel's Midnight Suns, that's a decision only you can make.