Midnight Suns


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When you're not trying to save the universe on the battlefield, you'll have opportunities to socialize and forge Friendships with your heroic allies. As your relationships with members of the Midnight Suns grow, you'll unlock powerful combo abilities and passive bonuses that come into play when you fight alongside them. For example, Blade’s unlockable Cold-Blooded passive gives him a percentage chance to apply an additional debuff to any enemy he deals damage to.

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There are a number of ways that you can increase your Friendship Levels with allies. You can spar with them in the Yard, compliment them, complete requests they make, or gift them items that you've purchased or found while exploring the Abbey and its grounds, for example. The responses you choose during conversations with other heroes can also affect your relationships, and not always in a good way. Understanding who your allies are and getting a feel for their likes and dislikes will make choosing gifts and conversations choices that they find agreeable much easier.

At the end of every in-game day you can also invite a hero to hang out with you. Perhaps you'd like to watch a movie with Magik or take a walk with Wolverine? Hanging out with heroes is a great way to deepen your Friendships with and discover their personal stories. You can find new Hangout opportunities at locations known as Havens by exploring the Abbey Grounds. Hangouts at Havens offer double the friendship benefits of other Hangouts, but each Haven can only be visited once during your campaign, so choose wisely.