Midnight Suns


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Every enemy you face in Marvel's Midnight Suns' combat missions can be categorized as a Minion, an Elite, or a Boss. Minions can pose a deadly threat, especially in large numbers, but are defeated as soon as they take any source of damage – from a punch to being knocked into the environment. Elite enemies actually have health bars, and typically require multiple attacks to defeat. Bosses are the most powerful enemies in the game; they have the most health, deal the most damage, and have special abilities that make them formidable opponents even for a team of Midnight Suns heroes.

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Minions and Elites have hero icons above their heads indicating which hero they plan to attack on their next turn. This empowers you to make informed decisions when prioritizing enemy targets or choosing which teammate to heal, for example. Bosses do not telegraph their attacks in this way, making them much harder to predict for counterplay.

In many missions, enemies will periodically summon reinforcementsat the end of their turn. These new waves of enemy forces are made up of Minions and Elites, and their intermittent arrivals may quickly overwhelm your squad if their growing numbers are ignored. Reinforcements can sometimes be stopped by completing a sub-objective; in other missions, fresh enemies will continue arriving until the mission ends. Nothing your handpicked team of heroes can't handle though, right?