Midnight Suns

Watch Firaxis’ Latest Marvel's Midnight Suns Live Stream

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Firaxis developers play through Tactical Missions while discussing the game’s hero roster, strategic combat, and more.

During a recent live stream, Creative Director Jake Solomon, Senior Franchise Producer Garth DeAngelis, and Senior Producer Rachel Sima from Firaxis played through two Marvel's Midnight Suns Tactical Missions. When they weren't preoccupied with beating down Hydra soldiers and the demonic forces of Lilith, they shared insights into the Midnight Suns roster of heroes, unlockable difficulty modes, and more. You can watch an archive of the entire live stream below.

While certain Marvel's Midnight Suns Tactical Missions require that a specific hero or heroes are present, most leave team selection entirely in your hands. For the first mission, the Firaxis folks opted for a well-rounded team featuring Captain Marvel, who can protect allies by taunting enemies; Blade, who grows stronger as he attacks baddies with ruthless precision; and Doctor Strange, who can use his magic to buff teammates and weaken opponents. 

As you watch this Tactical Mission unfold, you might notice that not all of the Hydra enemies going toe-to-toe with the Midnight Suns on a New York street have health bars. That's because lowly Minions are beaten as soon as they sustain any damage while the more powerful Elite enemies typically require multiple attacks to defeat. You might also notice icons above the opposing force's heads corresponding to the heroes on the mission; these let you know which hero each of them is planning to attack next turn so you can react accordingly.

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After successfully defeating the Hydra forces, our heroes headed to the Abbey, the secret base where, among other things, the Midnight Suns can upgrade their abilities, craft single-use items, and relax together to strengthen their relationships between missions. It's also where you'll select your next Tactical Mission using the Mirror Table in the War Room.

The heroes teamed up for the second mission during the stream included Iron Man, whose attacks can deal considerable damage from range; Wolverine, whose abilities include self-healing and taunting enemies; and Magik, who not only controls the battlefield by repositioning enemies, but can also open a portal through which to summon an additional hero from the Abbey for one turn. Lilith's forces were ultimately defeated, despite counting Hydra Mystics with the ability to summon demonic reinforcements among their number.

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Towards the end of the stream, Jake, Garth, and Rachel answered questions from the community, covering everything from controller options and character customization to game length and favorite heroes. Look out for the next Marvel's Midnight Suns Live Stream with Firaxis where members of the development team will be discussing advanced deck building and combat strategies.