Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns March 2023 Update

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New Update available for Marvel's Midnight Suns across Windows PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Please make sure to restart your game to ensure that you've downloaded the latest version and continue to submit any bug reports and feedback to support.2k.com.


- General bug fixes and performance improvements

- Improvements regarding enemies falling through the map 

- Level of detail improvements across all maps and the Abbey

- Crash reductions and improvements

- General audio fixes

- Improvements with physical collisions

- Texture popping improvements

- Foliage improvements

- Reduced hitches in dialogues and sequences


- Fixed the Venom tongue error display

- Offensive Rush status effect will no longer appear multiple times in a single encounter, and the UI will no longer display a turn counter

- Add support to missions so that a modifier can be applied to the number of times a Hero is KO'd

- Targeting fixes for Deadpool's Pain Piñata with improved move-to-range-of-cursor targeting

- Changed the Hunter's Balanced Collar to require 4 Power card plays (up from 3) to resolve infinite XP loop exploit

- Mission cards will now always properly spawn in the final mission

- Added a way to flag cards as pending discards so that they don't count against the hand limit during ability effect execution

- Hex Charge now removes any pre-existing Taunt effect on the target


- Created and added sort dropdown to Ability Inventory

- Added missing objectives on Day 11

- Fix for controller not working on initial showing of ability choice screen

- Fix for unfocusable scrollbox scrolling in online screens specifically for console long descriptions

- Some setting tweaks related to low memory ray tracing and Steam Deck autodetect