Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns December 2022 Update

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A new update for Marvel's Midnight Suns is being rolled out across Windows PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Please make sure to restart your game to ensure that you've downloaded the latest version and continue to submit any bug reports and feedback to support.2k.com.


- Implemented various bug fixes and adjustments to improve stability and performance

- Addressed the Hero Ops progression bug

- Fixed game crashes when attempting a manual save

- Fixed Magik standing on the chair while speaking to her in Wanda’s Room


- Capture Agent general missions will now grant 3 stars if they are completed in 3 turns (up from 2)

- Fixed tracking for multi-detonate kills against Intel Challenges

- Non-damaging knockback attacks no longer trigger Lilin Guardian's Rage

- Magik's "Reinforcements" ability will now Draw the proper card amount on Play

- Heroes will now have "Vulnerable" for correct number of turns when a "Moderate" Injury is applied

- Nest Mother should now Summon Altars at the start of each mission

- Improved hitches during specific combat actions, like Vaulting

Photo Mode

- Ensured clothing settles when changing poses

- Ghost Rider's flame head effects now render correctly 

- Visual fixes for screen brightness when entering Photo Mode on Console

- Effects remain if Depth of Field is changed