Midnight Suns

Morbius (Michael Morbius)

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First appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #101 (1971)


A brilliant biochemist, Dr. Michael Morbius was accidentally turned into a living vampire while attempting to cure himself of a rare blood disease. While the experimental treatment involving electroshock therapy and vampire bat DNA was a success, its permanent side effects include an aversion to sunlight and a need to regularly consume human blood. On the plus side, Morbius also gained superhuman strength and speed, greatly enhanced senses, retractable claws, and a number of other vampiric abilities.

Morbius struggles with his monstrous nature. After feeding on victims' blood, he experiences moments of clarity during which he's wracked with guilt. Morbius joins the Midnight Suns after being approached by his former nemesis Spider-Man, who believes he'll be a great asset in the ongoing fight against the vampyres that are terrorizing New York. 


Morbius savagely tears into enemies with his claws and teeth. His unique Hunger meter, which fills each time a Morbius card is played, allows him to enter a Bloodlust state and cause enemies to Bleed with every successful attack for increased damage. Other abilities in Morbius' formidable arsenal include hypnotizing enemies into attacking each other, howling to weaken them, and temporarily entering a mist form to prevent himself being targeted. 

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Morbius is part of "The Hunger" DLC. This DLC can be purchased individually or as part of the Marvel's Midnight Suns Season Pass (a copy of Marvel's Midnight Suns is also required to play). Morbius content is unlocked via gameplay.