Midnight Suns


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First appearance: The Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)


Logan’s mutant abilities are enhanced tracking senses and an incredible healing factor that allows him to rapidly recover from devastating injuries. Abducted by scientists of a secret organization dubbed Weapon X, Logan was subjected to horrific experiments in their attempts to engineer a perfect soldier. His mutant healing allowed his captors to reinforce his entire skeleton with Adamantium, an indestructible metal, and forge him into an almost unstoppable weapon.

The torturous process was only one of the many tragedies that have taken a mental toll on Wolverine. As much as he is now a Super Hero, the damage that he has suffered and that he has inflicted on others is not as easily healed as his mutant flesh. Fighting for his own redemption as much as justice, Logan strives to prove that he is not an animal, but rather a noble man.

Specialty: Tank/Distributed Damage

Wolverine’s intimidating form and eviscerating claws make it easy for him to Taunt enemies into focusing their fire on him instead of his allies, while his mutant healing factor allows him to consistently regenerate hit points to absorb that damage. His frenzied, animalistic fighting style keeps him pouncing from enemy to enemy, chaining his attacks to damage multiple targets with a single action.