Watch the Hunter and Wolverine take on Sabretooth!

Don't miss the first Marvel's Midnight Suns Gameplay Stream, September 7 at 11:30am PT!

Watch the Hunter and Wolverine take on Sabretooth during the first Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay stream, September 7 at 11:30am PT!

To say that Wolverine and Sabretooth are sworn enemies doesn't even begin to describe the depth of their hatred for one another. The regenerating mutant pair have been fighting and occasionally killing each other in comic books since the mid '80s when, after sharing the cover of Power Pack #27, they clashed in Uncanny X-Men #212. They've scrapped in sewers and secret labs, gone head-to-head in Hell, and even tore into each other as zombies. At 11:30am PT / 7:30pm BST on September 7 (2:30am UTC+8 / 4:30am AET on September 8), the Hunter and Wolverine are teaming up against Sabretooth for a ferocious grudge match during the first ever gameplay stream of Marvel's Midnight Suns.

In one corner, we've got the Hunter and Wolverine fighting to save the world. Wolverine's razor-sharp claws, regenerating health, and ability to taunt enemies into focusing on him make him well-suited to fighting on the front line. Tilting the odds in Wolverine's favor on this occasion will be members of the Firaxis development team and the Hunter, Marvel's Midnight Suns' protagonist and the first customizable original hero in the Marvel Universe. The Hunter has a previous lifetime of training and experience to draw on and can fill a number of different combat roles by focusing on dealing damage, supporting allies, controlling enemies, mitigating incoming damage, or any combination thereof.

In the other corner is Wolverine's age-old nemesis Sabretooth, another mutant with a superpowered healing factor and the animalistic instincts and strength of a fearsome predator. Even in a two-on-one battle, Sabretooth should prove to be a fierce opponent. You'll have to tune in to see who stands victorious when Wolverine and the Hunter take on Sabretooth in an intense head-to-head fight.

If you've been anxiously waiting to get a good look at Marvel's Midnight Suns' tactical combat system, this epic battle is not to be missed! Watch it right here or over at YouTube or Twitch.